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🐯Malayan Tigers

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Did You Know?

  1. The Malayan Tiger enjoys swimming and playing in shallow rivers and lakes. They are able to cross shallow streams by swimming whilst keeping its head above water.

  2. Whilst they will gladly enjoy a buffet of sambar deer, wild boars, bearded pigs, goats, and more… they can also take down elephants. They are also known to feed on livestock which can be really problematic for local farmers.

  3. Baby tigers (a.k.a cubs) are born with their eyes entirely closed, therefore blind.  They only peek open between 6-12 days after birth and gain full sight in 2 weeks.

  4. Sadly, only 2-5 cubs are born every time a mama tiger gives birth, and worst, only half of them will survive past 2 years old, being one of the causes of their endangerment.

  5. Malayan tigresses usually give birth to cubs in a cave, but due to being critically endangered, there’s a large breeding facility in Malaysia which helps maintain its dying population.


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