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King Cobra


Did you know?

  1. The longest King Cobra ever recorded was just over 19 feet long. But on average, adult King Cobras are between 8.2-13 feet long with adult males getting larger than females.

  2. King Cobras are native to Southeast Asia. They can be found in parts of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Southern China, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

  3. King Cobras have been found in many different types of habitat depending on where in the world they are. King Cobras inhabit forests, villages, mangrove forests, plantation forests, agricultural land and have even been found in suburban areas.

  4. King Cobras have fairly potent venom, but it is far less toxic than other snakes that they are related to. In trials testing the toxicity of venom, the lethal dosage needed to kill half of the experimental sample (mice) was 0.125mg/kg.

  5. King Cobras can inject a high volume of venom which makes a bite from them very deadly. In a single bite, they can inject up to 420mg.

  6. King Cobras have both neurotoxic and cytotoxic venom. Neurotoxic venom affects the central nervous system while cytotoxic venom affects the cells and tissue at the site of the bite.

  7. The latin name for King Cobra literally means “snake eater”. King Cobras prey on snakes and are one of the only natural predators for other large snakes like Burmese or Reticulated Pythons. Another one of the more interesting facts about King Cobras is that they also eat very large lizards, called monitor lizards.

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