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Did you know?

  • Flamingos live in Africa, and they are found in South America.

  • Flamingos are like grey when they are babies but when they are about 3 years old they turn pink.

  • Flamingos are pink because they eat shrimp and seaweed.

  • Flamingos live 25-30 years in there natural habitat and flamingos in captivity live 45-50 years some flamingos can live up to 80 years.



  • Los flamencos son los únicos miembros de la familia llamada phoenicopteridae y se distinguen por su largas piernas y larga cuello.

  • Tiene una boca son como los ganso y los rasgos y aparte son de la misma familia de las cigüenas e ibis.

  • Existen 6 tipos de flamingos especiales.years.

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The flamingo's favorite hangouts are shallow lagoons, salty inland lakes, ______, and mud flats.

(Two words, all lowercase letters)

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