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🐊Chinese Alligator

Alligator - Robert.jpg

Did you know?

  • Chinese alligators are one of the smallest of the crocodilians (a group that includes crocodiles, caimans and gharials) and is amongst the most endangered.

  • The back of its stocky body has a covering of hard scales, with softer scales on the belly and sides.

  • As many as 17 transverse rows with 6 bony scales run the length of its dark green/black body, and there are paired ridges going halfway down its tail, joining into a single ridge that runs to the end of its tail.

  • The teeth of these alligators are long and sharp, ideal for crushing shells. Their fourth lower tooth is bigger than the rest.

  • With its mouth shut, its upper teeth are outside of its lower teeth, which makes it different to crocodiles.


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What is the name of the river mentioned on the alligator's sign at the zoo?
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